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Emerging Entrepreneur

An all-in-one service where together we build your business from the ground up. With this plan you get your business set up step by step and only pay one price! Everything from your website to your free incentive and lots more are all included in this package! + A year of website maintenance & guidance!

Website Redesign Design
Do you have an established website that needs a redesign or rebranding? I have some great packages that allow you to recreate your space on the web with the look and feel that will have your clients throwing money at you!
+ I offer the only packages that include one year of FREE website maintenance and guidance with every package!
Web Design From Scratch
Do you need a website built for your blog or business? I offer the only packages that include one year of FREE website maintenance and guidance with every package! Let’s work together to create your unique space on the web!
Website Maintenance & Guidance
I have three packages that will:

  1.  Keep your website safe.
  2. Better user experience.
  3. Faster site.
  4. Saves a shit-ton of time
  5. And available to answer all of your WordPress questions! Now, who does that?!?
Sales Funnels
Do you need a sales funnel created but have no idea where to start? No worries I do! From your landing page to FB ads we can create a funnel that will take your followers into clients while you rake in the dollars!
Google Analytics
Did you know that I am a Certified Google Analyst? That’s correct! I took & passed all THREE tests that are required for certification. I can set up your Google Analytics account and up to five goals or filters so you can measure those conversions that are going to be rolling in!
Marketing Funnels
Do you need a marketing funnel created? We’ll start by creating an amazing incentive to offer value to your reader’s lives. This can include an ebook, checklist, webinar etc. From there we’ll create opt-ins on your website that lead to your email service provider where they will receive your emails and receive that free gift leading them into a welcome sequence so that they can get to know you better!
other things I can help with
I offer a variety of one-off services including:
Analytics (I’m a certified Google Analyst!)
SEO Optimization
Email Sequences
Email Sequences or Automations
Shopping Carts
Scheduling APPS
Social Media Platforms
Content Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Most tech issues!

Project Management


Picture this: You have created an amazing course that’s going to save the world (or teach them to knit a cat sweater).

You’ve poured hours of your blood, sweat, & tears into it, but now you don’t know what to do, where to start or who to hire

Now, this: You’ve hired me to take care of the rest and before you know it you’re launching your course on time & under budget!

That’s The Difference Between DIY & SUCCESS!

Featured Clients

Website Redesign, Maintenance & Hosting

Jeré Cassidy

“Working with Rena has been the best decision I have made for me and my blog. I can always count on her help and knowledge for the simple blog fixes to help with major blog problems. Rena is always available to offer support and advice and I would not be successful without her services.”

Live Website

Website Maintenance

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
aka The Contessa

The Vintage Contessa

She answers emails in a very TIMELY manner. She is quick and gets the job done even if she’s never done it before. I find her a joy. There is always an email shot back to me to say job completed. Stop dragging your feet and sign up for her services. Money well spent!”

Website Maintenance

Elizabeth Havey


Rena has had my back from the beginning. She read my book of short stories. She “Likes” my blog.
And now Rena has become my tech whiz, my “don’t worry Beth, I’ve got this” person. Yes, I’ve got Rena.
She is super smart and always kind when you’re lost and need help. An easy problem or a demanding one,
Rena is calm, handles it. Her design instincts are great and she hangs in there for you.


About Me

My name Rena McDaniel

My SUPERPOWER is being to figure out tech quickly making it work for you & not the other way around!

I adore all things tech.

Anything really…

From the alarm clock, I took apart when I was six to the Plymouth Duster I rebuilt when I was only 16.

I take it after my father, even though I lost him when I was only 15, he taught me not to be afraid to take chances, but to own up to my mistakes when they literally blew up in my face and they did… quite often.

I like to fix things.

Good thing too… because my husband (& BFF)…tends to break things.


I met my husband on a Friday night and we moved in together the very next day.

AND We’ve never spent a night apart in all of those years! (29 YEARS!)


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