3 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Food Blog

3 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Food Blog


A food blog can be a remarkable way for you to indulge your passion in food. Not only can you brainstorm and collaborate with like minded individuals but you can also make some money if your blog becomes popular. However, what is really difficult is making your blog stand out from the thousands of food blogs that are out there.

Food blogs are actually one of the 5 most popular blog categories with more than 12,100 searches a month! While the demand for food blogs is swelling like anything, the supply is beyond imagination. The internet is literally flooded with food blogs. So, if you are planning to start one, you better be prepared with some good skills and a lot of energy to make your blog popular. Here are the 3 most important things that you need to know before you begin your journey as a food blogger.

  1. A good cook is equal to a good food blogger, doesn’t work


Cooking is one of the most difficult yet loved form of art. A good cook can win the hearts of all! Mastering this art is also no cake walk. Extensive knowledge, experience and food love make a good cook. While cooking itself requires efforts, food blogging becomes a whole new thing. Some people get into food blogging simply because they are amazing cooks. That is definitely a pre-requisite but that is not all that is required.

You may love baking and nothing in the world could match your delicious cakes but that doesn’t guarantee you success as a blogger. This is because you need to have a lot of other skills as well for blogging. You should be a good writer to put your recipe in fluent words, you should know how to make your food presentable and get good pictures of them, you should have some knowledge of marketing and have a thousand other skills. You should be ready to cope with all of this before you start your food blogging journey.

  1. You need to work a good deal with technology


I know technology can be bothersome but when it comes to food blogging, there is no escaping from it. There are a lot of different aspects that require some technical knowledge and all you can do is work on it. Some of them are:

  • You need to work with a sophisticated camera and some good editing software for getting good pictures.
  • You need to know the technicalities of SEO to get a good search engine ranking.
  • You should have some good knowledge of Social Media Marketing to spread the word about our blog.
  • You should also have some proficiency with working with the blogging platform so that you can manage the themes, styles, templates and other things related to the blog design.  

All of this requires a lot of interaction with technology. Though you can always hire professionals to take care of everything, it doesn’t sound feasible for a beginner. Doing it all on your own is the more affordable and convenient option.  

  1. 3. Food blogging can be your hobby or profession, but never both

If all of this seems way too exhilarating to you, let me tell you something – it is not all totally essential.
Before you begin your journey as a food blogger, you need to answer this question –
What do you expect out of the blog?
Do you want to be a professional and earn money and fame out of your blog? Or do you want to just blog for the sake of it and share your knowledge with whoever is interested? Clarifying and thinking your goals out is extremely necessary. Only then can you make some important decisions that will have a strong impact on the results to come. Say for example, if you want to start a professional blog, having a premium blogging template along with your domain name is more advisable than going for a free one. However, if you just blogging for your interest, you don’t need to make any investments.
The point is that if you want to go professional, you need to show that dedication right from the start, working hard in each and every aspect. If it is just a hobby, you can go at your own sweet pace without worrying.

Author Biotanya

Tanya Sen quit her well-paying job to follow her dreams and become a writer. She is now creating and managing digital content to build relationships with organizations and individuals. An avid traveler, having visited more than 40 countries. She loves to cook and try different cuisines. She now lives in Goa, India.

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