Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs

Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs

If there’s one thing we know about goals, they have to be SMART, right?

After all, that’s what we’ve been told for years. The only thing that matters is that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

While that looks great on paper—and clearly it’s easy to remember—it doesn’t go far enough for those who want to achieve big things.

Think about it. Do you want to be stuck with “attainable” and “realistic” goals when what you really dream about is a 3-day workweek, frequent international travel, and enough money to fund a mission trip (or three)? Seems pretty clear that those safe, smart goals aren’t going to get you there.

In fact, they might even do worse than simply “not get you there.” They may actively hold you back.

Consider what happens when you set an “attainable” goal of earning 10% more than you did last year. You might work 10% more. You might spend 10% more on ads or product creation. You might even reach out to 10% more potential clients.

And you’ll likely earn about 10% more.

“Not bad!” you say. After all, that was your goal.

But did that 10% goal inspire you to work harder? Or did it create a subconscious ceiling on your earning potential that you’re unable to break through?

Rather than focusing on goals that are attainable and realistic, savvy entrepreneurs know that the key to incredible success lies in creating lofty goals that feel out of reach—maybe even UN-attainable.

They don’t strive to earn 10% more than last year. They want 50% or even 100% more. They stretch themselves. They find new—and better—ways to do things, so they don’t have to work twice as hard, but they remain open to the possibility of doing so—at least in the short term—when it’s necessary.

Of course, you cannot simply declare crazy goals and expect the universe to hand them to you. And that’s exactly why putting aside those smart goals is so…smart. When you shun the attainable in favor of the “holy cow, how will I ever do THAT?” goal, you push yourself beyond those self-imposed limits and reach for the stars.

Sure, you might not double your income, but you’re almost guaranteed to do better than a mere 10% increase. So push your boundaries. Set big, audacious goals. Even if you fail, you’ll be much further ahead than those smart goals would leave you.

Mindset Tricks of Successful Entrepreneurs

Mindset Tricks of Successful Entrepreneurs

Want to know what sets the uber-successful apart from the wannabe entrepreneurs?

It’s not money, or brilliant ideas, or even powerful friends.

All of those things (and more) are nice to have, but they’re not a requirement of success. What is a must-have, though, is a good attitude. Without the proper mindset, you’ll constantly be battling your own brain, and that’s exhausting.

  • You’ll allow yourself to believe your ideas are no good
  • You’ll remain convinced that you aren’t smart enough
  • You’ll be certain that someone else did it (whatever “it” is) better

And before you know it, you’ll have talked yourself right out of launching your new program, asking for a JV partnership, or writing your book. In no time at all, you’ll be back at your day job, working away on someone else’s business because you don’t have the confidence to create your own.

But a simple mindset change can make all the difference.

Dress for Success

Ladies, this one is for you. When we work at home, it’s easy to fall into a habit of wearing sweatpants and T-shirts to the office. After all, why dress up just for the dog?

But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to instantly shift your mindset in the right direction, ditch the yoga pants and break out the lipstick. You’ll suddenly find you feel more professional, more confident, and sexier, too. (That last one won’t help your business, but it might just help your love life, and that can’t hurt, can it?)

Never Let Fear Drive Your Decisions

Too many would-be entrepreneurs operate with a scarcity mindset rather than approaching business from a place of abundance. Rather than telling yourself that you can’t afford to hire a virtual assistant or work with a coach, try reframing your thoughts.

Rather than thinking, “I can’t afford to attend that event,” ask yourself, “How can I earn the money to invest in this trip?”

Rather than saying, “I have to do everything myself because I can’t afford to hire a VA,” remind yourself that your hourly rate potential is much more than you’d pay a virtual assistant. Then fill those hours you’re saving by outsourcing with money-making tasks of your own.

By reformatting your thoughts, you’ll turn that negative money talk into positive solutions that help you grow.

Tips For Choosing Your Thesis Advisor

Tips For Choosing Your Thesis Advisor

Choosing the thesis advisor cannot be a random decision since you will be a person with whom you will work for several (long) months. To choose a tutor related to your interests and to help you achieve the best result in your final work, you must take into account some issues. Edupeet.com is the best place to produce your thesis paper at great level.

4 tips to choose your thesis advisor

1 – Find an advisor with whom you get along

As already mentioned, the advisor will be your guide for several months to complete the final work, and often should give you encouragement when you get discouraged, should work many hours together and solve several problems. The affinity between tutor and student is key to cope with the hard and demanding moments throughout the thesis.

Of course, getting along well have nothing to do with the level of exigency proposed by the tutor. Find someone who is not too demanding or too relaxed about your work to get the best possible product.

2 – The advisor you choose must have availability

Because of the demands of work and your time of dedication, your thesis tutor cannot be the busiest person in the world.

There may be a teacher with whom you take great and meet several characteristics to be a good thesis tutor; but the truth is that if you do not have the availability of time that you need, you will end up suffering when you do not present your corrections on time or leave you waiting for hours when they have agreed to meet.

3 – Must know how to research the chosen topic

That the tutor knows how to research a topic is key, since it is there to be a support for you and not to learn together. For this the best thing is that the tutor you choose does not start with you in this area; that is, it is better to have experience advising thesis.

Maybe you are not the most expert in the subject you have chosen, but if you know how to approach an investigation you will have enough knowledge, methodology, and intuition to guide you and take you along the best path throughout the investigation.

4 – It would be very good if you can provide contacts

So that your tutor can provide you with good contacts and research sources maybe you should think of an expert on the subject you will work on. Can you imagine how you would feel if the advisor you have chosen tells you that you absolutely do not know anyone or any bibliography on the chosen topic?

Of course, it will be you who have to investigate, read and collect information wherever (and suffer a bit in this whole process); but it is recommended that your tutor have solid knowledge and sources to contribute to the research topic.

Women In Biz All Around WordPress A New Monthly Feature!

Women In Biz All Around WordPress A New Monthly Feature!

Welcome to the first piece in our “Women In Biz All Around WordPress” feature that will run the 1st Sunday of every month. It’s a brand new series where we spotlight amazing women and the ways in which they have used WordPress to spread their message, sell their products, or provide valuable services.

The hope is to inspire other midlife women to build their online businesses and find what we’re all looking for financial freedom, a lifestyle they love, and excitement they may have been missing! All of these women are clients of mine who have inspired me over the years and I think they will inspire you as well.

In the very first of the series, I want to introduce you a lady very dear to my heart and one of my very first clients! She was instrumental in the creation of the “Luxury Maintenance Plan” that I provide to her and others just like her. Well, no one is quite like The Contessa aka Elizabeth Kirkpatrick! She is the best case of originality.

Her site The Vintage Contessa.net is everything you would expect from an Italian Contessa and much, much more. She’s one part fashionista and one part country farmer and that’s only a small portion of what this beautiful woman possesses! From the very beginning, she has reminded me of Jackie O! Both stunningly glamorous and amazingly down to earth! She’s one of my favorite people and once you meet her she’ll be one of your favorite’s too!

1. What made you first decide to build a blog or website? How long have you had your site?

I had an ANTIQUE SHOP and decided I needed to advertise my wares. So a website was built for THE HEN HOUSE. Once I closed my doors I thought “NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?”I was reading a couple of blogs at the time and thought well, I could talk about myself and see how that goes or possibly sell online! That is how THE Vintage Contessa.net came to be. MY guess is going on seven years that I have been puttering away on the BLOG.

2.  What is your niche?

GOOD QUESTION! I talk about every day living from Food to clothes, the garden to Manners! Mostly, I write about what I do who I meet where I go. Today I met CHRISTY TURLINGTON’S SISTER unbeknownst to me at THE TIME! I’m a CHARACTER so I guess you could say my niche is HOW I LIVE!

3.  Of all of your blog posts or pages on your site which is your favorite?

ON the HOME page if you click up top on LA CONTESSA than click on PORTRAIT SHOOT IN PARIS!THAT would be MY favorite photos ever and a Memory I will cherish the rest of my Life as I was with my TWO SONS who I showed PARIS too for the first time! We were captured inside and outside of THE LOUVRE with CHICKENS!!!! You can see me feeding The Chickens just like the DUCHESS of DEVONSHIRE did in her BALL gown………..A ball gown would have taken up to much space in the luggage so I settled on a red jersey dress with a Taffeta Opera Coat!

4.   What is your favorite social media platform and why?

INSTAGRAM.Hands down……. WHY?Because I can travel the world from the comfort of my home each day and have my breath TAKEN AWAY time and TIME again! One can also find FRIENDS through Instagram as we seem to find our TRIBE there.IT can be a Time SUCKER so be careful……….

5.  Do you find WordPress easy to maneuver or do you avoid the back end like the plague?

“AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE”!!!! That’s why I have RENA! I have NO desire to know how things work and the technical stuff. I just want to CREATE HUMOR and have FUN! I am definitely MORE of a CREATIVE PERSON than a FIX IT GAL!

6.  Is your site a business that makes money or a passion that makes your heart sing?

I think my site is THE ONLY BLOG LEFT that does NOT MONETIZE. Maybe I am making a mistake but I can tell YOU this those blogs that have the ADS in them drive ME CRAZY! I think The ADS is ONE BIG REASON BLOGS ARE NOT EXISTING TODAY! It is very confusing sometimes to find the rest of the POST when an AD is telling you to CLICK HERE! MY BLOG is for FUN and it is a PASSION. I get EXCITED every time I hit PUBLISH! I think of it as a diary of my LIFE! Plus, The reader gets to watch me AGE!

7.  If you use your site for business what do you sell or what service do you provide?

NO BUSINESS…………. I do like to suggest how you can dress to cover the exercise gear from time to time. My AGELESS STYLE POSTS that I do with another blogger have been a HIT!More for the middle-aged women and what products they are using and clothes they like is shared on the blog once a month! Tune in and SUBSCRIBE and give me TRY…………THEVINTAGECONTESSA.NET

8.  What is one thing you’d like people to know about you?

I AM A SHY PERSON! Believe it or NOT!

Now that surprises me! The Contessa never fails to bring a smile to my face. She’s gracious, elegant, and just lovely all around! Check her out for yourself!


You can also find her on Facebook & Instagram!


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