Hi! I’m Rena


I’m so happy that you’re here!


I love all things tech.

Anything really…

From the alarm clock, I took apart when I was six to the Plymouth Duster I rebuilt when I was only 16.

I take it after my father, even though I lost him when I was only 15, he taught me not to be afraid to take chances, but to own up to my mistakes when they literally blew up in my face and they did… quite often.

I like to fix things.
Good thing too… because my husband…he tends to break things.

I have been deliriously happy married to my best friend for the last 28 years.


I met my husband on a Friday night and we moved in together the very next day. That was 28 years ago and we’ve never spent a night apart in all of those years!




In 2009, my life changed in the blink of an eye when a deer came through my windshield while driving down the interstate.

For two years, I floundered through each day by putting one foot in front of the other until I landed in the ICU and spent six weeks in the hospital.

  • I lost my health.
  • I lost my career as a mail carrier.
  • I lost my home.
  • I almost lost my daughter.
  • I even lost my teeth.

BUT one thing I didn’t do was lay down & die. (Well almost!)

I am a fighter and I have been my whole life and now I want to fight for you!


  1. By building & maintaining a WordPress website that allows you (the overworked, underappreciated entrepreneur) to convert readers into clients who are breathlessly waiting on your next big thing.
  2. By having the knowledge & experience to know what works (& what doesn’t) in today’s marketing climate to help you stand tall as an expert in your niche.
  3. By creating a consistent brand across all platforms giving you recognizability.
  4. By automating & systemizing as much as possible freeing up valuable time to do what you do.
  5. By showcasing your products or services in a way in the most successful way possible.
  6. By attracting the right audience who are waiting for you to save them.

When I’m in the zone there is an excitement I can’t quite explain, but I think my husband said it best. He says that he can always tell when I’m working on a project because I hum, not like humming, but like an electric line and that’s exactly how I feel.

When I’m building something whether it’s a WordPress site, a graphic in Photoshop, an email sequence in MailChimp or ConvertKit, whatever it is, it gets me excited.

My heart races, I can’t sit still, and yes I’m going to admit this…but only to you. I make sound effects, lots and lots of sound effects!

I know weird right?!?

My husband Patrick & I right after our twin grandchildren were born. Don’t tell him I told you but I call him Poochie Bear. SSHHH! That’s our little secret!

I want to help you build a sustainable online business giving you the financial and lifestyle freedom that you’ve always craved!

Down Below Are Samples Of My Work & Words Straight From A Few Of My Happy Clients.


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When I travel I leave my website in Rena’s trust-worthy, capable hands. She not only watches over my site to make sure everything is okay while I’m unavailable. she serves as a virtual assistant to take care of commenting obligations. I never give my website or blog a second thought because I know she is overseeing it. She is a treasure.

Carol Cassara


She answers emails in a very TIMELY manner. She is quick and gets the job done even if she’s never done it before.

I find her a joy. There is always an email shot back to me to say job completed. Stop dragging your feet and sign up for her services. Money well spent!

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick


I’ve worked with Rena on all kinds of techy type projects and I can say with full confidence that she is responsible, timely, affordable, knowledgeable willing to take initiative, able to learn on the fly, and has a knack for all those server maintenances and WordPress issues that flouncy designers don’t want to deal with. I would recommend her highly!

Julie Stoian


Rena is very professional, dedicated and provides speedy turnaround

THANK YOU, Rena, for fixing a very scary malware invasion</strong I recently had on my blog site. Rena took care of it (over a holiday weekend, no less) and ensured that my site was safe and sound by the following Tuesday.

Rena is very professional, dedicated and provides speedy turnaround on any of your blogging needs.”

Claudia Schmidt


“Working with Rena has been the best decision I have made for me and my blog. I can always count on her help and knowledge for the simple blog fixes to help with major blog problems. Rena is always available to offer support and advice and I would not be successful without her services. “

Jeré Cassidy


Rena McDaniel offers professional, efficient, and creative services to her clients. She designed a new website for me that offers the latest features and styles. She’s always available for my edits and questions, and she patiently explains issues I don’t understand. Her monthly service is invaluable. “

Elaine Ambrose


” I cannot thank Rena enough for her professional, prompt, and efficient attention to the care and maintenance of my website.

The burden of stress that she has relieved of me is priceless. I highly recommend you look into her services.

Doreen McGettigan


“Rena is helpful, attentive and a very nice person. Working with her on my website and various other technology has enabled me to have a lot less stress in my life. Every entrepreneur knows how stressful their lives can be. Having Rena a time makes life so much easier. While Rena knows A LOT of stuff, I also love that she is willing to learn new things so that she can continue to help me expand my business.

Maria Claps


“Rena helped me with a problem no one else could figure out. I was happy and grateful! She’s professional, knowledgeable, and nice. I highly recommend her services.”

Laurie Stone


“We selected a website template that was fairly restrictive and provided lots of challenges around making changes in design. Rena tackled whatever needed to be handled so that I would be a satisfied client in terms of the design and internal mechanisms required to make the site work for my readers. She’s always available and reacts quickly to requests and issues. She’s knowledgable about how to help the site increase visibility and how, from a maintenance standpoint, your site can run efficiently over time. 

Howard Fishman


Rena ROCKS. While I’m reasonably computer literate, getting into my WordPress Dashboard and other “behind the scenes” programs completely freaks me out. I’m convinced that I’ll click something that will blow up my website and induce a catastrophic crash that can never be repaired. Rena makes that all go away. I can tell her what’s going on and what my problem is, then I can go back to writing while she does her magic. She’s easy to work with and gets it done. No muss, no fuss. She’s my anti-stress fairy. If you’re struggling with something on your website, don’t panic. Just call or email Rena. Do it now. You’re welcome.

Vikki Claflin


“Rena redesigned my website to have a more professional and attractive look. WOW, what a difference! Rena was so patient with me.

She answered my every question and took her time with my site. I was a little indecisive at times and she was quite graceful and understanding. Rena will see you through to the end of your project and will never make you feel rushed.

I’m thankful that I found her and would encourage anyone to work with her too. She’s outstanding to work with and took my site to the next level.” Penny Bianchi


“Rena has been a Godsend. The migration went smoothly; she added widgets (I had no idea what a widget was) that were necessary and explained what and why she was doing something.

Rena responds quickly and has the patience of a saint (that alone is worth the money spent), Quick to respond, professional, Rena answers all my ridiculous questions and is a nice person.

She keeps my site humming along nicely. I love working with her!

The sooner you start using her services; the easier your life will become. Promise.”

Barbara Harmon


Rena is fast, efficient, knowledgable and kind. Rena is a warm and professional techie.  She never made me feel insecure about my lack of knowledge and educated me as well as helped create my new blog. 

The video she generously made to teach me how to use my site was easy to follow and it was like a friend was explaining things to me.


She went over and above what was required and she was responsive to all my emails and questions.  I could not have asked for a nicer more competent helpmate.  Rena is fast, efficient, knowledgeable and kind!

Donna McDonald


“Kids’ Club was very fortunate to be introduced to The Blogging 911, we felt secure knowing that our website, which we had spent so much time creating, would work as intended and without being compromised.

Rena was always available to help us with our content and maintenance needs, was a lovely person to work with, and gave us confidence that serving our needs was her priority.

Jennifer Green, President,
Kids’ Club of Tarrytown.org

Jennifer Green


Rena was highly recommended to me by a dear friend. After vetting a couple of web designers I chose to work with Rena. She was personable and professional>/strong>. She was very organized which put me at ease almost instantly

.She was able to provide more than what I had expected and no task was too small for this incredible woman. I highly recommend her and will definitely recommend her to others!

Anna Beltran


“Rena redesigned my website to have a more professional and attractive look. WOW, what a difference. Rena was so patient with me. She answered every question and took her time with my site.

I was a little indecisive at times and she was quite graceful and understanding. Rena will see you through to the end of your project and will never make you feel rushed.

I’m thankful that I found her and would encourage anyone to work with her too. She’s outstanding to work with and took my site to the next level. “

Kelly Cox


Blogging 911 did an amazing job and was a pleasure to work with. Rena went above and beyond to answer any question I had and was able to transfer everything from the old style to the new style and made it all look fantastic.

I would recommend her anytime. She is so knowledgeable and fun to work with. I will definitely use The Blogging 911 for my future needs.

Elizabeth Pain


“Six weeks ago I contacted Rena at rena@theblogging911.com as I was ready for a refresh of my website.

Rena was patient, professional and most knowledgeable about all things website.

The end product is exactly what I was looking for in a refreshed look and feel.

Rena listened and was at the ready every step of the way. She managed to showcase my needs in the most authentic way/p.

Hats off to Rena! She knows what she’s doing and helps make website design a fun experience.

Wendy Armstrong


“Coming from someone who knew little about website design, Rena explains what all needs to be included on their site to be successful.

I had a vision of the look and feel of my blog and Rena listened to what I wanted and worked hard to bring my vision to life.

She even communicated directly with my logo designer, so that I didn’t have to. I also love that Rena makes herself available throughout the design and sets you up with detailed videos so you have the tools you need.

Nancy Fulkerson


“I have been blogging for 14 years: three or four years ago I realized that if I wanted to continue blogging I needed a site that matched the content.

Rena is a pleasure to work with. Rena makes the design a collaborative effort as she took the time to get to know me. She understood what I was looking for, simplified my blog, and made it something that I could be proud of rather embarrassed by. I’m getting ready to use Rena again for another refresh.”

Pia Savage


I’ve been blogging and posting once a week on my Word Press blog since 2009. A friend in Iowa set things up for me and became my tech person, my problem solver. But when she could no longer be that person—I started to panic.

Enter Rena McDaniel and THE BLOGGING 911. I knew Rena from her posts on THE WOMEN OF MIDLIFE. She had supported the publication of my book of short stories, A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE, in 2015, and I had read her empathic posts from THE DIARY OF AN ALZHEIMER CAREGIVER, always feeling a connection as my mother had dementia.

Now Rena and THE BLOGGING 911 have me back up and running, all aspects of my blog alive, updated and functioning

It’s great. Rena will talk to you about the services she can provide and she is she totally competent, but her fees are also exceedingly reasonable

I also know that if I want some changes made, she will be there for me. I could not recommend her more highly than I do.

Losing readers was a major concern as I made the switch. Rena helped me stay calm

, and once again my readers are finding me, reading me, commenting!

Beth Havey


I love working with Rena! She has been managing my WordPress backend over the last year and has helped me with numerous techy projects such as setting up automated email sequences and connecting scheduling software.

She is extremely skilled at taking complicated digital tools and making them work together.

I have found her to be dependable, efficient and completely trustworthy. (And that’s important when you hand over your website to someone.)

In fact, I trust Rena with my most delicate, complicated website and email funnel issues. No matter what breaks, she works to figure it out. And she does it quickly! I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Theresa Livinggood


Working with Rena is such a pleasure. She is helpful and always responds quickly – nothing is too much trouble and no question is too silly.

It’s a joy to work with someone who obviously loves what they do and is really good at it.

Whilst Rena is definitely a WordPress expert, she’s also willing to learn new things and provide creative solutions to issues.

Rena has been helping me prepare my first online course for release and her expertise and support – not to mention endless patience – has been instrumental in getting me to the finish line.

I’ve worked with other people on blog, website and course development in the past
and was often made to feel like my project wasn’t worth their time – you’ll never feel that way with Rena – no matter how big or small the request – she will make you feel like a valued customer.

Esther Zimmer


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