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Are you tired of trying to decipher the craziness that is Google Analytics? Well, I can help! For the last few months, I have been learning the ins and outs of a successful analytics account. With the correct setup and monitoring, you can have the information you need to succeed in your business.


“Rena has been a Godsend. The migration went smoothly; she added widgets (I had no idea what a widget was) that were necessary and explained what and why she was doing something.

Rena responds quickly and has the patience of a saint (that alone is worth the money spent), Quick to respond, professional, Rena answers all my ridiculous questions and is a nice person.

She keeps my site humming along nicely. I love working with her! The sooner you start using her services; the easier your life will become. Promise.”

Barbara Harmon

Rena is fast, efficient, knowledgable and kind. Rena is a warm and professional techie. She never made me feel insecure about my lack of knowledge and educated me as well as helped create my new blog.

The video she generously made to teach me how to use my site was easy to follow and it was like a friend was explaining things to me.

She went over and above what was required and she was responsive to all my emails and questions. I could not have asked for a nicer more competent helpmate. Rena is fast, efficient, knowledgeable and kind!

Donna McDonald

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