Branding is a way of distinguishing your business. All companies need to brand their businesses. This makes it easy for their customers to know what they are offering in the market. The prosperity of a business is decided by its branding. As the story told by WebsiteBuilder shows, there are numerous benefits of developing and retaining quality brand on social media channels. Some of those benefits are as follows:

According to Ray Vardhman, answering a  complaint on a social media increases customer advocacy by about 25%. Letting such complaints go unanswered decreases customer advocacy by 50%. A bad experience on social media can have a damaging effect on a brand. 75% of people share a good experience with brands on social media.

People need feedback when they communicate with a brand. 65% of people have more brand loyalty if a brand responds to them on social media. 19% of consumers do not get feedback but 71% people with favorable social customer care experience are likely to recommend the brand to others.


More facts and figures can be found below:


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