Are You An Emerging Entrepreneur?

What is an Emerging Entrepreneur?

It’s a woman (or man, so I’ve heard) on the cusp of realizing their dream of doing what they love & actually making money from it.




How Many Hats Does An Entrepreneur Wear?



All of them


You have notebooks full of ideas. You’ve nailed down the “What” & “When” even the “Where & Why” but you need a little help with the “How”.

Project Manager

An online business requires a lot of moving parts and knowing when & how to implement them is your top priority. Keeping everything on time & within budget is your responsibility.

Website Developer
One of the most important things in your business will be your website. It’s not only the place where you do business it’s literally your social proof and business card all in one. It’s the foundation from which we build. The building is the key here. Building a website is more than pretty colors and fonts. It’s SEO, Mobile Responsiveness, its user-friendliness. If your website doesn’t send the “RIGHT” message then it’s sending the “WRONG” message.
Designing a website should always start with research and it will start with your niche. Color psychology is a proven fact and goes a long way in conveying the feeling that you want to invoke. It also includes font choices, placements, CSS and basic knowledge of web design. As I said above, your website is the foundation for your whole business so it needs to attract your ideal client.
After you develop and design your website then you have to learn to maintain it and fix problems that will come up. Links break, widgets quit working or the latest update took all of your design out. Keeping a usable back up at all times easily accessible.
Those perfect insta- images aren’t going to make themselves and along with that you’ll need website images, social media images, blog post templates, and advertising images.
You’ll need to know what to post to what platform at what time. For each and every message you want to send.

With my knowledge & experience, I can take your ideas and dreams and turn them into your new reality in 90 days or less.

You will learn quickly that your email list is your most important asset to your business. This is either your former clients, current clients, or future clients and as such need to be nurtured into believing they absolutely have to have what you’re selling.
Will you have a blog? Will you be posting about your amazing services or have-to-have products? Guess what? You’re a content marketer.
You have to keep track of those dollars, don’t you? Pay bills or buy that little black dress you’ve had your eye on? You’re an accountant.
As a business owner or influencer, you know how important metrics are. How will you know if you’re converting your readers into clients or customers without analytics?
Are you creating a course or offering people support or service? Then most probably you’re an instructor, a coach, a mentor, etc.
You have to learn to walk that tightrope between profit and customer service every single day. Customers want to feel taken care of. That they are important to you and not just your bottom line.

As an entrepreneur, you will need to have a basic knowledge of all of these careers. Or you can delegate and in that case, you’ll need to hire these people and THAT can get outrageous quickly.




You’re unique and only you can provide the only thing we’re all missing in our daily lives. There’s nobody that has your perspective, your story or your journey. 

You’re fed up with being a part of the 9 to 5 crowd.  Done with doing the same thing day after day hoping for a different outcome. That my friend is the definition of insanity!

What Do I Get With
The ‘Emerging Entrepreneur’ Plan?

1st Step Is Research

This important step often gets ignored or skipped

Either because of time constraints, budget constraints or you just move on & focus the pretty color palettes & standout fonts. Research into your market, you competition & then narrowing down your niche.

Website Development

Building A Strong Foundation

I only build using the platform because it’s the best. Follow that up with the Divi Templates & you couldn’t ask for a stronger more reliable website.

From A To Z

An entrepreneur needs more than just a website and this plan includes EVERYTHING in one price. INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING.

  • Website Development & Design
  • Niche-Specific Divi Template customized to your specifications.
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Email Marketing Plan
  • Shopping Carts
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Analytics

Plus Get A Full Year Of Website Maintenance With Every Plan!

After revisions are finished MOST  designers disappear, but not me. Every Emerging Entrepreneur will receive a full year of the Basic Annual Maintenance Plan absolutely FREE!

That’s twice-monthly backups, updates, optimizations and guidance provided through email support.

Are You Ready To Emerge?

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About Me

Hello! I’m Rena. I’ve Been Building Websites for 5 Years

Once I visited the backend of a WordPress website I was absolutely hooked! I love nothing more than helping another sister make her mark on the world.

“Working with Rena has been the best decision I have made for me and my blog. I can always count on her help and knowledge for the simple blog fixes to help with major blog problems. Rena is always available to offer support and advice and I would not be successful without her services. “

Jeré Cassidy

One Hot Oven

Rena McDaniel offers professional, efficient, and creative services to her clients. She designed a new website for me that offers the latest features and styles. She’s always available for my edits and questions, and she patiently explains issues I don’t understand. Her monthly service is invaluable. “

Elaine Ambrose


She answers emails in a very TIMELY manner. She is quick and gets the job done even if she’s never done it before.

I find her a joy. There is always an email shot back to me to say job completed. Stop dragging your feet and sign up for her services. Money well spent!

Elizabeth KirkPatrick

La Contessa,

Are You Ready To Emerge?

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