There are lots of ways that your information can be stolen these days. Card cloners at a gas pump, stores and businesses who store your data and then get hacked, phone scams where you give your info to the wrong person. Did you know that your Google Analytics can also be hacked?

I had no idea until a client and friend recently brought it to my attention. You would think that Google being the “Oh Mighty Oz” of the internet would be able to prevent this from happening, but they don’t or can’t so it’s up to us to protect our own data.

All you have to do is right-click on your homepage and choose  View Page Source. Once that populates hit ctrl+F for the “find” command. Type in ga.js in the find box and boom! There is your Google Analytics property ID number. All someone has to do is enter your id # into their analytics and your data is corrupted.

Why is this important?

Within 15 minutes anyone with a decent amount of traffic to their own site can corrupt your data. It’s very easy to do and once it’s corrupted it cannot be fixed for the data that has already been collected. So any data for that time period is useless!

How Do You Protect Yourself?

You have to set up a filter and I’m going to show you how. The first thing you need to do is to go to your Google Analytics account. Click on the ADMIN tab. Click the +Add Filter tab. From there you need to give it a name. Mine is “Not Today Hackers”, but you can name it anything you want.

Under Filter Type click the Custom tab. Under Filter Field in the drop-down menu choose Hostname and choose Include. In the space provided, you are going to enter YOURSITENAME.COM and choose No for case sensitive option. That’s it! Your Google Analytics profile is now safe and sound!

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