If you’ve been a follower of The Blogging 911 for any length of time you know that technology is our mainstay.  You’ll never hear me say, “I wish we still had landlines” or “I wish we still did it the “old” way”.


I use it constantly and life would be so much harder not to mention a whole lot more boring without it. I mean come on where would we be if we couldn’t share what we ate for breakfast in a swoon-worthy photo on Instagram or create an email sequence that will explode your following or even sell those amazing products without that shopping cart.

In today’s world, you cannot even begin to build a business without mastering at least some of the basics of technology. Some people hate it, some love it, but EVERYONE has to use it.

I love to find new ways to make technology fun for people.

For the last few months, I’ve been working on a fun, new quiz that will lead you down a path to your “technology-personality” hence the name “Tech-Nality” quiz! At the end of the quiz, you will receive a .pdf with your technology personality and a collection of things that can only help you in your day-to-day business.

I’ve created 3 unique personalities and embellished them with attributes which I feel are important to you. Each personality has been born to make your life simpler, give it more style, & help you create the lifestyle with which to build a successful business.

First off, there’s Serephina:

Serephina is a free-spirit and lives to create. She’s authentic & brave while being honest & resourceful. Meet Serephina:

Next is Addison (or Addi for short):

Addi is all about productivity. She is driven & self-sufficient, but also caring & strong. She is not afraid of hard work and knows that some things are worth fighting for.

Meet Addison:

& last, but certainly not least is Isabella.

Isabella is tough, independent but not afraid to gamble on a good idea. She trusts with all of her heart, but she’s nobody’s fool. Meet Isabella:

Which one is closest to your personality? Have you taken the quiz yet?


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