Welcome to the fourth in our “Women In Biz All Around WordPress” feature that will run the 1st Sunday of every month. It’s a new series where we spotlight amazing women and the ways in which they have used WordPress to spread their message, sell their products, or provide valuable services.

The hope is to inspire other midlife women to build their online businesses and find what we’re all looking for; financial freedom, a lifestyle they love, and excitement they may have been missing! All of these women are clients of mine who have inspired me over the years and I think they will inspire you as well.

This month I want to introduce Penelope (Penny) Bianchi from McCormickInteriors.com. Penny is a long-time client of mine who is an interior designer extraordinaire. She designs for the rich and famous as well as for friends and relatives. She has been featured on countless TV & magazine pieces.

Penny is a strong woman who doesn’t let life get her down. Over a year ago, she was evacuated from her home because of extensive fires in her Montecito neighborhood. She spent Christmas in a hotel with her husband and dogs while firemen worked to keep her home safe.

I’m happy to say that they did save her beautiful home, but just a few months later she was evacuated again when torrential rain caused devasting mudslides that destroyed so many places around her house. Luckily, while suffering massive damage her house still stood and she began the arduous work of removing tons of mud and debris. She handled these traumas with such grace that it really spoke a lot to who she is as a person.

Let’s hear from her:

Tell us a little bit about you:

I have been an interior decorator for fifty years. I love it. I lived in Pasadena, California for my whole life until 23 years ago we moved to Santa Barbara. I have clients still in Pasadena, as well as Santa Barbara.

 What made you first decide to build a blog or website? How long have you had your site?

My niche is a small group of affluent residential customers. 

Of all of your blog posts or pages on your site which is your favorite?

My gallery is my favorite pages of my website. It shows very different houses I have decorated over my career. I think they are all timeless and do not look trendy or dated. That is my goal. 

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram because it is so visual. 

Do you find WordPress easy to maneuver or do you avoid the back end like the plague?

Easy to maneuver

Is your site a business that makes money or a passion that makes your heart sing? 

A business that has been very successful for a long time. 

If you use your site for business what do you sell or what service do you provide?

I do not advertise or sell from my website but rather, tell my prospective clients to see my work. Sometimes, clients find me by seeing my work on my website. 

What is one thing you’d like people to know about you?

That my goal is to decorate and furnish people’s houses beautifully and to reflect them and their lives I avoid trends and believe in investment quality furniture and accessories

In Montecito, she lives next to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey (who is her next-door neighbor), Ellen Degeneres, & Rob Lowe!


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